Medical Learning Resource

Clinical case quizzes to support medical knowledge

What is CAPSULE?

CAPSULE is a medical learning resource designed to support undergraduate medical students in the application of medical knowledge in the clinical setting.

The platform contains over 650 clinical cases with 3500 questions which cover all the clinical specialities encountered in years 4 and 5. These include medicine, surgery, paediatrics, psychiatry, therapeutics, obstetrics and gynaecology, general practice and also professional studies. Clinical case questions are MCQ based, single or multiple answer and cases are image-rich with over 450 images including radiology, ECG and clinical photos.

Medical students can choose the speciality they want to study and work their way through the questions. CAPSULE also gives users the ability to create their own case-based quiz, take a random quiz or create a filtered quiz centred around symptoms or diseases. All cases include high-quality feedback to help maximise medical learning. The content has been written by senior clinicians and faculty of Brighton and Sussex Medical School and it is reviewed and updated regularly by an editorial board. This keeps the medical learning resource relevant and up to date.

Features & Benefits

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CAPSULE Lets you...

  • Create personalised medical quizzes
  • Search for a specific case or topic in the extensive case library
  • View feedback on medical questions answered
  • View statistics and progress
  • Comment and feedback to the CAPSULE team on learning content
  • Access medical learning resources on all devices and platforms
  • Access the content offline

Create personalised learning

CAPSULE allows you to create learning that is specific to your needs. Create a quiz using filters such as categories, medical term tags, cases not attempted or scored percentage.

With over 3500 questions across 650 cases

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Useful statistics

Enhances learning performance by ensuring students plug knowledge gaps whilst reinforcing their strengths.

Supporting medical students in the application of medical knowledge in the clinical setting

For Medical Students

Learning, not just revising

CAPSULE is a quiz-based medical learning resource produced specifically for undergraduates by senior clinical faculty in Brighton and Sussex Medical School UK.

Not just a revision aid, CAPSULE is a useful addition to your learning environment to be used throughout your academic year.

Mobile and web access

CAPSULE is provided through high-quality mobile applications on the popular Apple and Android phones and tablets. CAPSULE can also be used through the web, fitting into your life, whether on the go or on placement.

With mobile access to our medical learning resource, you can continue to learn when and where you want. Build your own quizzes based on chosen specialities and then work through these at your leisure whether at lunch, home or when travelling.

Supported by school

CAPSULE was commissioned by Brighton and Sussex Medical School and all course materials are produced by a wide range of experienced clinicians and teaching faculty.

The service continues to be supported and maintained by the medical school community to ensure accuracy and alignment to medical curricular.

Analytical tools are available to your medical school, facilitating the ongoing evaluation of this learning environment ensuring your needs are best supported.

Offine access

As each quiz created is stored in the app on the mobile device it’s available to be completed even when you’re offline. All scores and feedback are recorded and passed back to the central CAPSULE servers when you are next online, so records of progress are always available on whatever device you are using.

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General comments:

“Very useful, very grateful for it as a resource. Thank you CAPSULE team!”

“Really good resource, helpful for medical school exams”

“CAPSULE is accessible offine and can be used on the go”

CAPSULE vs. other commercial products:

“CAPSULE is free and from my medical school so I am confident in adhering to the feedback”

“More user friendly, more fun”

“More appropriate to medical school knowledge”

CAPSULE vs. BlackBoard

“CAPSULE app so much better. Easier to access – on my phone. Really easy to use. Design and graphics are great. Instant feedback and results and you can compare your stats to others”

“CAPSULE has a much nicer interface and keeps your stats in one place”

For medical schools

Unique in scale and quality

CAPSULE is unique in both its scale, covering the entire undergraduate medicine curriculum, and in its quality (level/ accuracy/pitch). CAPSULE is a contemporary learning aid, helping to ensure students have the very best digital learning tools to support their clinical-based teaching.

CAPSULE has been designed specifically for mobile devices using robust and scalable technologies. It provides a contemporary and credible digital platform to fit into students’ study environment.

Monitoring and reporting

The service includes a range of real-time reporting tools for through an easy-to-use interface for administrators. This enables schools to monitor use of the resource through accurate data that can be downloaded for further learning analysis.

Support and enhancement

CAPSULE is built and supported by clinical learning support and academics in the UK. The service is actively supported both technically and for content updates so ensuring maximum availability and applicability. Issues can be reported by students themselves or by medical school staff directly through the service.

All cases and questions support feedback, so problems with questions or reported clarifications can be quickly and easily reviewed and updated back in to the system to immediate effect. As course requirements change and UK medical practice is updated CAPSULE will be updated to stay current.

Account User Management

Each medical school subscribing to CAPSULE will provide a list of students to be enabled and subsequently will have full autonomy to manage these accounts while they remain active on the platform.

Activity reports can be accessed at anytime; a useful resource to identify learning areas for concern, enabling focused solutions, helping to optimize student achievements. Also, providing a potential research platform into medical education. e.g. usage by time series, specialty.

Investing in improvement

Revenue from CAPSULE to Brighton and Sussex Medical School contributes to course content improvement, maintaining content accuracy and extending the content for each academic area.

Simple and quick deployment

Delivered as a fully-managed service, CAPSULE is easy to deploy to students in a short length of time. Administrators are also provided with training aids to support their students and to monitor access.

Costs over time matched to student numbers

CAPSULE is provided for a simple cost per student per academic year, allowing costs to be matched accurately to course fees while avoiding capital costs or long term service commitments.

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CAPSULE benefits compared to commercial solutions

All content is written by senior medical school clinicians actively engaged in teaching/ examination of UK medical students. The content is tailored towards GMC / medical school learning outcomes and is set at an appropriate level, there is no utilisation of recycled post-graduate level content.

Case feedback is a core feature, CAPSULE is designed to support student learning throughout the academic year in a formative way, however it also will meet student summative learning requirements approaching exams.

CAPSULE is image rich with extensive use of radiology and clinical images together with supporting laboratory data and also other specialised investigations (for example; ECG, echocardiograms, histology).

CAPSULE is actively supported by an editorial board of senior clinicians from all specialties, there is a rolling process of core review, case editing and selective case additions - maintaining active and relevant content.

The reporting tool provides an opportunity for potential collaborative research between medical schools. In addition, there is the facility for medical schools to submit cases which can be used by other schools that have access to the platform.

To enquire about an Institutional licence please contact our support desk at who can provide more information.